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Price of Straws


Currently, with the movement from the Goverment, to the each family, to each person who is called for limiting plastic waste, there will be many substitutes for disposable plastic waste, in which the straw is close to nature, most clearly. However, it is not easy to know how much the price of grass straw will be.


In order to know the price of grass straw clearly, we need to find out the information carefully. Walking around on Google, smashing in the face of thousands of information about the price of a straw syrup in 2020 with so many different prices from cheap to expensive that we can not know why?


Walking around reputable e-commerce sites such as tiki, lazada, sendo, with thousands of information, a variety of brands with different prices makes people really worried. By the way, the grass straws 's price in 2020 on e-commerce sites or on websites ranges from VND 800 to VND 1000 for 1 dry grass straw depending on brand, packaging or specifications.


However, with so much information, it is difficult for consumers to choose the right product and do not know what is reasonable cost. To learn more about the price of grass straws, Natufarm introduces you to the production process so you can visualize the reasonable price.


Like all other manufacturing companies, the cost of products is made up of the main cost factors: raw material costs, labor costs and general production costs. However, it is only in terms of production costs, to bring the product to the market, there are many additional costs such as operating costs, taxes, expected profits, ....


Talking about materials:
The raw material to produce the straws that Natufarm provides to the market is carefully selected from the long-term cooperation with famers. The bales provided to Natufarm are the type of bladder (the first harvest after planting), at least 1 year of age, the leaves must be non-pest free, alum-free and carefully selected and carefully classified, increasingly harvest to ensure uniform grass quality and the production does not remove too much waste.


In order to have a proactive, long-term source of raw materials, the founders of Natufarm have to directly go to work, survey, explain the meaning of making straws from  Lepironia so that farmers have the same perspective. , sympathize and accompany the founders. Because the material is selected, the price is also higher than usual because farmers need more labor to classify and select initially for Natufarm.


The most difficult is production:
Good material is only one of the initial conditions for a good product. Because the production of grass straws is only in a short time, there is no standard model, no suitable machinery even though Natufarm's founders have been working hard on researching and researching from other factories. However, to make straws from mature grass, at the current stage, most of the stages (90%) are done manually, so the productivity is not high and costs a lot of labor.


Although it has standardized the production process through 7 stages, however, Natufarm currently has only the drying stage with mechanical elements, while all other stages have to be done manually and auxiliary, depends on human ingenuity in production.


Raw materials and labor are the two main factors that make up the cost price of the product, but to bring the product to market, it must also add the general production costs such as depreciation of machinery, factory rent. , electricity, water, .... There is also transportation, packaging, labels, marketing, ... there is also a significant fee in forming the price of products Natufarm inductor.


The above analysis shows that the calculation of the price of straw in 2020 is not as low as some people think. After considering, calculating and researching the market, the founders of Natufarm provided the grass straw with the very competitive price depending on the type and depending on the packaging.


The price of grass straw in 2020, which Natufarm offers, is not high but not the lowest in the market, but we believe it is a perfectly suitable price for well-tailored products, sewing materials, standardizing the production process to the meticulousness in packaging design and appearance of the products before handing them to consumers because we always think that we need to provide the best product market to help replace a small part in limiting disposable plastic waste, which is a straw.