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Natufarm and the story bring natural straws to users


Straws made of environmentally friendly bamboo and grass are increasingly popular in cafes and restaurants in big cities. Eco-friendly straws are gradually becoming a popular item when cafes and restaurants start to find this product line.


The cafe switched to using straws, grass

After being opened for 6 months, Nghiem Minh Tam's coffee shop on Tran Khat Chan street (Hanoi) has started using bamboo straws instead of plastic straws. bamboo smoking first because of its practical benefits. ‘Unlike paper straws, bamboo straws are both environmentally friendly and reusable many times. I can use a special tool to clean the tube, then use it again. Its durability can be up to several months, calculated the price is only equivalent to a disposable plastic straw '' - Mr. Tam said.


Young people prioritize using environmentally friendly products

Like many other young people, Tu Uyen (born in 1995) loves to hang out at weekend cafes. She said that recently, she noticed that many cafes were simultaneously switching to environmentally friendly straws. In addition to bamboo straws, many places also use grass straws, paper straws. I see the drinks, supermarkets are gradually becoming more aware in restricting the use of boxes, plastic straws and plastic bags. Many beverage stores offer discounts for customers who bring mugs. The supermarket also offers discounts for non-disposable plastic bags. Even stores that still use lots of plastic goods are still being condemned and boycotted by young people '.

Roll with the straws because of environmental love earnestly

Sharing with VietNamNet, Mr. Nguyen Van Mao - the owner of a well-known enterprise in the production line of eagle's straw - said that the trend of using eagle's straw is increasing gradually through the company's orders each month. Starting to develop the company in September 2018, but by March 2020 his company's revenue began to skyrocket when some European countries decided to ban plastic straws.