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How is the grass straw's self life and how should we store them?


Grass straws self life


Depending on the technology and production methods of the units supplying and manufacturing the hay straws. Currently, the usage's duration of grass straws from 3 to 18 months. In particular, the grass straws's self life provided by NatuFarm is 18 months. And we are proud to be one of the few production factories can do this.


Preserve grass straws

For dry grass straws, the preservation will be much more simple than fresh straws (on how to preserve fresh grass straws, you can refer to the article here).
Dry grass straws you just need to store in a cool dry place, avoid wet environment, high humidity and avoid the termite environment is able to preserve the dry grass straw in a long time.

To ensure better preservation, you can put the dry grass straw into an airtight containers to insulate the air or vacuum the straw.