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Why is there a Nartufarm brand?

Every year, littering into the environment with plastic waste enough to cover earth's surface 4 times and about 13 million tons plastic waste come into the oceans. Plastic trash, nilon bags are very difficult to decompose, which takes thousands of years to decompose completely. Their existance dangerously harms to enviroment especially land and water. 


Therefore, Natufarm was born with the mission to change the habit of the majority of people: using grass straws in stead of plastic straws to wake up and improve the awareness and responsibility of each person to the environment.

Our Mission

1) Reduce and prevent littering non-biodegradable waste to enviroment

2) Develop ecological system grass fields along Mekong delta

3) Build up green enviroment, keep ecological balance

4) Widen the range of organic products, change habit, thoughts and awareness of enviroment

5) Add more jobs for farmers, enhance their life.